Complaints Policy

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If you are unhappy with your dental treatment, the first thing to do is always approach the Advent dental practice manager with your concerns. This can either be done by telephone or letter.  Explain your concerns and what you would like the ideal solution to be. In most cases we will be able to solve the problem together with your dentist.

Contact details for the practice manager:



Practice Manager,

Advent Dental Practice,

16/17 Anchor Street,




If you are still not happy, you might need to seek a second opinion from another dentist for which they may make a charge.

There are advice numbers for complaints in the UK: telephone 03000 683 000 or for private complaints call 0208 253 0800.

In severe cases where you feel the dentist has been negligent the General Dental Council, the dentist’s regulatory body may accept a complaint. They can be contacted through or by calling 0207 167 6000.